Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lolita Birthday Party & Ichiban Kan Haul

Birthday lolita purikura!

Saturday I went to Japantown to celebrate Princess Yi's (the-milk-eyed-mender) birthday! It was so cute and fun, she even made ice cream cone cupcakes and gave out adorable goodie bags!

I got a green one! I already ate all the candy.

While we were hanging out, some guy walked up and handed us this big stack of stickers and patches! Neat!

It's just not a lolita party in Japantown if you don't all go to Ichiban Kan and buy cute things! I picked up a seriously awesome haul. They even carry deco den supplies now!

Hello Kitty Colorful Bunny vinyl pouch. I can't even describe how amazing this is. It was hard to keep from buying the whole collection of this design!

Adorable strawberry print vinyl pouch. I may have bought this more for the sweet art on the hang tag than anything else.

Too cute Minnie Mouse bag! I really love Japanese Disney products. This is just as cute as that bag I wanted from Torrid, for way cheaper!

Suzy's Zoo notepads! They had several stationery items featuring these two designs. I could not resist.

Suzy's Zoo deco tape!

PONY STICKERS. I like the random solitary high heel...because ponies wear high heels all the time?

Multi-color pen with Alice in Wonderland print and a purple heart crystal on top!

Pink rose compact mirror. I love this! It reminds me of Utena (duh.)

Deco supplies! I can't believe they actually had decoip (for $1.50!), but of course they were out of white. Still, it'll be great for practise! The sprinkles are great, too.

Strawberry glass! I'm really glad they restocked this: I used to have two, but one broke, so now I have two again! And my other one has darker strawberries, so they match but aren't exactly the same. (Which I prefer. Having matching stuff just irritates me because nothing else I own matches.)

Oh yeah, did I mention I won a prize at work? We had an idea contest and mine got picked! Isn't the card gorgeous??

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