Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fuck Yeah New Re-Ment

I was going to open by saying that my current obsession is Re-Ment blind boxes, but truth is I've been obsessed with them for several years, I just couldn't afford them for a long time. I finally can again, so I purchased 5 new boxes from 4 sets this weekend.

I picked up two new mascot lines at Nijiya (all I bought were those, natto, and Kewpie mayo.)

First up is Keroppi from the Sanrio Cookie mascot line. Keroppi is pretty cool, but I obviously was going after Tuxedo Sam. Mostly I'm just glad I didn't get one of the three Hello Kitty designs. Nothing against Kitty, but compared to Keroppi, Tuxedo Sam, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and a sea monster thingie, Hello Kitty is the clear loser.

Hm, I just took a closer look at this. Who is that standing next to Keroppi? A ghost? A teru teru bozu?

I've been eyeing the Torokeru (Melty) mascot line for awhile. The sweets are awesome, and I love the melting clock. The cool thing about buying these is they are packaged in a plastic bag instead of a box, so you can kinda feel around and tell the difference between a round one and a flat one. I grabbed one roundy and one flaty.

The flat package was the chocolate bar. Not bad. I like melty chocolate, but I'd have to rank this as my least favorite of the sweets in the set (maybe tied with the pretzel).

The round package was, unfortunately, the stupid apple—easily the worst in the set. I'm kinda ticked. I had an 11 in 12 chance to not get a stupid apple, and I got a stupid apple. I'm thinking about turning the mascots into necklaces once I get some more ball chains.

My next stop for Re-Ment was Heroes Club. Heroes Club is an amazing toy shop in my neighborhood. (Their shop is way nicer than their website!) They carry high quality collectables and figures for adults, from stuff like Alien, Godzilla, Ultraman, etc. They also have a large selection of Re-Ment, and the best thing is, they open all the boxes, reseal them, and mark on the box which figure is inside. That might tick some people off, but since I almost never get my first (or second, or third, or...) choice when I buy blind, it's GREAT to be able to buy the exact one I want!

Minnie Mouse & Macaron from the Disney Big Sweets mascot line. This was half off! I guess I love Minnie Mouse stuff now, judging from the bag I bought at Ichiban Kan, and now this.

I was so excited to see they carried the Teddy ga Otetsudai set! These are so painfully cute: it's a little teddy bear doing household chores like cooking and cleaning. I was really torn between this one and the grocery shopping one (mostly because that one had a tiny bag of gummy bears in it), but I'm glad I got this (I guess? I'll probably go back later and get the other one. >_>) It's a lot bigger than I had imagined (Teddy is about 1.25 inches tall) and the detail is so amazing.

Overall I am really happy with my new pieces. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from Teddy ga Otetsudai, and I'll probably head back to Nijiya soon to grab more Melty mascots. (If I get another apple, though, I will freak out.)

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  1. Where do you buy rements in sf? I live there but I never see it (I don't go jtown that often)