Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Variety Shop Haul ~ Cheap Socks, Stockings, Make-Up & More!

My roommate has been telling me since I moved in that I need to check out Variety Shop, which she refers to as "The Eyelash Shop". I finally went last week, and she was not exaggerating about how amazing it is!

The store is small, cramped, and dusty, but it's full of surprisingly decent quality socks, make-up, stockings, and other accessories for really, really cheap. Almost everything I bought was under $3. According their Yelp review, the store is famous for carrying NYX cosmetics for cheaper than anywhere else. Read on for photos of my haul and some reviews!

Panda socks! I wear this style of socks all the time, and they tend to get lost and worn out pretty easily, so I pick up a pair whenever I find something cute!

More panda socks! These ones are kneesocks, and they're okay. I have large calves, so a lot of designed kneesocks are a bit tight on me. These fit, but they would fit better on someone with smaller calves.

Now these are great. Stretchy and snug, but not too tight. They go all the way up to my knees and stay up! They had them in other colors, which I will definitely be purchasing soon.

Some of you may have heard me rant about how much I hate footless tights (or "capri tights" as they are apparently called in Taiwan?) I still do, but there was something about these that made me want them. It was probably the skulls and pink polka dots, so I figured they were worth a try. I actually really like them! They're comfy and look really good under my Body Line skirt that I wear all the time (and help protect against upskirt exposure when I get hit with strong gusts of wind!)

These tights are fantastic. They are just stretchy enough to fit well without being bulky in the ankles, and the color is great. The only weird thing is that there's a part on the lower legs that fades from this awesome bright green to yellow, then back to green. Not sure if they are supposed to be like that or if it was an error. Not really a big deal; it actually looks kind of cool!

Can you believe I did not previously own a pair of leopard print tights? I am just as shocked as you are! These are standard Leg Avenue tights for a pretty price tag of $3.99.

I've been wanting a pair of white gloves for a long time, so these were a great find! Good quality, great fit.

I mostly got these so I could have some cheap make-up for travel and to keep in my desk at work. They are decently pigmented, though they do dust up a lot. Perfect for my needs though; it can be hard to find funky colored eye make-up for cheap, and this will make going out after work a lot easier!

This was my only NYX purchase, though I will probably take a closer look at the stock next time. The green "Ultra Pearl Mania" is great; nicely pigmented and has a smooth application (though the bottle is too small to fit a brush in, so you have to dump some out to use it.) The glitters are literally just glitter (as in, they don't adhere on their own) so I'll have to wait until I get some sealant before I can try them out. Great colors, though! As a testament to the cheapness of Variety Shop, these were $1.50 each. They are listed for $3 each on NYX's website. Score!

I saved the best item for last. It's a teddy bear scarf in baby blue. (They had a light brown one, too. I should have bought both of them.) I ripped his ugly brown (??) ribbon off, and I plan to make him a pearl necklace (I got packages of fake pearl strings 3 for $1 at the cheap fabric store!) and maybe some cute bows! I can't wait to wear him with lolita outfits!

Overall impression: A+ super great. The make-up is cheap enough to buy a ton to experiment with, and it's going to be perfect when Halloween rolls around! I'm definitely going back when I get my next paycheck. I didn't even get any of their nail polish yet!

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