Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ridiculously Cute Bags from Torrid!

I like Torrid. There aren't a lot of brands out there creating nice, stylish clothes for plus sized girls, and I credit them with teaching me that I could wear more than just a long skirt and t-shirts when I was heavier. I'm too small for most* of their clothes now, but they still carry plenty of cute bags and accessories!

*I can, however, gladly partake of their wide-calf knee-high boots!

Currently enamored with:

Loungefly - Hello Kitty 3D Coin Bag
Hello Kitty 3D Glasses Coin Purse by Loungefly
Hello Kitty with 3D glasses!

Loungefly - Hello Kitty Movie Canvas Tote Bag
Hello Kitty 3D Movie Tote Bag by Loungefly
Matching tote for the coin purse. I love the little 3D glasses accessory!

Loungefly - Hello Kitty Pink Embossed Bag
Hello Kitty Pink Embossed Bag by Loungefly
I love the shape of this pink enamel bag, and the bow accessory is way too cute.

Betseyville - Pink Sequin Lips Cross Body Purse
Pink Sequin Lips Purse by Betseyville
I'm kinda surprised I like this; it is made up of elements I normally hate: covered in sequins, shaped like a body part, really skinny strap...somehow it all works together.

Betsey Johnson - Gunmetal Leopard Tote Bag
Gunmetal Leopard Tote by Betsey Johnson
It's shiny and it has pink leopard spots. I don't really have to explain why I love this, right?

Loungefly - Disney Minnie Mouse Big Bow Tote
Minnie Mouse Big Bow Tote by Loungefly
It's been a long time since I've owned anything with Minnie Mouse on it (or any non-princess, non-fairy Disney character), and this bag inspired me to change that! I love the muted colors and vintage look of this tote!

Iron Fist - Black and Red 'Oh No' Satchel
Iron Fist - Black and Red 'Oh No' Satchel
"Oh No" Satchel by Iron Fist
I can't decide which part of this bag I love more: the eyeball and tentacle design, or the fact that the bottom opens up like a hungry mouth. Om nom nom.

Shop these and other cute bags at Torrid

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