Monday, July 18, 2011

Truly Outrageous Birthday Party Fallout

My real birthday isn't until the 27th but I celebrated this weekend, starting with an outing to Kinky Salon for Dungeons & Drag Queens theme night on Saturday, which was really fun. I should have gotten a photo of my outfit, but I didn't!

It was something like this:

...except my hips are much wider than that! :D Actually, I had only been there a few minutes when someone walked up to me and complimented me on my hips. ^_^ And yes, it was supposed to be a half-assed Morrigan costume.

But I was really impressed by the party; there were great costumes and all the music was from nerdy fantasy films. Plus I got to see some great friends, and I got birthday caned! :D

Sunday was my official birthday party, which was 80s cartoon, candy, and unicorns theme! The party lasted ALL DAY, which was awesome, but I didn't realise just how exhausting that would be. But it was still really fun, and I saw some of my friends that I hadn't seen since my *last* birthday!

Everyone was really impressed by the gluten-free peanut butter cookies by gluten-free girl! They are super easy and only have 4 ingredients (5 if you count the 1 tsp of vanilla I added on the recommendation of my friend SJ), so you should totally make them!

We watched Labyrinth, The Last Unicorn, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, and a bunch of Jem and the Holograms (with the sound off and David Bowie playing...and now I want to make a bunch of David Bowie x Jem music videos.)

The unicorn stand-up table decoration.

Candy bowl! There's still a lot left. :)

Unicorn Candy! These were really popular. ^_^ I got them (and the other rainbow unicorn stuff) from Oriental Trading.

Super adorable Hello Kitty plushie from Andrew and Kiana! You can even change her outfit!

Hello Kitty tiered lunch container from Tak and Zuzu! I really love it; I have a lot of Hello Kitty kitchenware, but nothing like this!

Box of Calbee vegetable snacks from Zuzu. They just opened up a Calbee shop in downtown SF, and my coworkers have been obsessed with it! I can see why; these snacks are AMAZINGLY good.

Wine and card from Christina...

...the card was blank?? Until Christina took out her Sonic Screwdriver and the secret message appeared!

Pikachu fetish art from Halley!

Slutcake! Using Haribo gummy letters, I spelled out "UNICORNS" on 8 of the cupcakes, then decorated the other 4 with the leftover candy.

My awesome job gives everyone a free day off during their birthday month, so I took today off to chill and relax after partying. :) Thanks so much to everyone who made my birthday weekend so much fun!

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