Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recommended Shopping

If you start your online shopping by clicking these links, you'll be giving me a hand. If you want to join affiliate programs too, check out the bottom two links!

Everything, duh:
Amazon and eBay: since Amazon terminated their California affiliates, if you would like to support me with your eBay and Amazon purchases, please visit my Squidoo pages and click on any of the eBay or Amazon links therein.

Print on demand goodness. Link is to my own shop, but there are tons of products for sale there, even official brands like Disney and Harry Potter.

Print-on-demand clothing, home decor, and more. Design your own stuff and get it printed!

LUSH Cosmetics
Need I say more? The best bath and body stuff on the planet. They are my Jesus.

Collectables, Toys, Anime, Nerd Stuff:
Literally every Japanese product ever. No, seriously.

Great place to get authentic anime stuff, as well as Japanese household goods and snacks.

Strapya World
I waste way too much time at this site. Tons and tons (and tons) of kawaii cell phone accessories, phone cases, plus other cute electronic accessories, USB toys, and more. Lots of cute character (Disney, Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Rilakkuma, etc) goods.

gorey details
A must-visit for goths. Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, gothic jewelry, toys, colletables, and more. Everything is really reasonably priced, too.

AllPosters...lots of posters.

Entertainment Earth
Tons of nerd goods, including Doctor Who, anime figures, comic book stuff, nostalgia. Very fun site to browse.

Designer vinyl toys, what else!

Fantasy figures and collectables.

Pretty much the only place that carries authentic Asian CDs and DVDs and ships them to the US. They also have anime goods and other items of nerd interest.

Hollywood Megastore
All kinds of movie memorabilia.

Hobby Shack
Model kits and more.

Quirky toys and collectables.

Toys for kids (Disney, etc)

Adagio's Gourmet Teas
Great tea, fun flavors, and everyone (EVERYONE) needs an IngenuiTEA. I have two.

Mighty Leaf Tea
Another great authentic loose tea shop. Free samples. Follow them on Twitter, too, the person who writes it is cute. xD

Art of Tea

Matcha Source

ESP Emporium Healthy Loose Leaf Teas

Art and Crafting:
Paper Source
Another favorite store of mine...gorgeous papers, as well as paper crafting supplies such as stamps, cutting machines, letterpress, and more. Great sales.

Utrecht Art Supplies
Standard art supplies store.

I *love* this shop. Cute clothes, kitchen goods and other home decor. Awesome shoes.
Really cute women's clothing and exclusive vintage finds.

Ricky’s NYC
Awesome fashion store.
Speaks for itself: a bunch of lingerie.

Wicked Temptations
Lingerie and such.

Asian fashions and footwear. Lots of gorgeous stuff, reasonably priced.

MiLanoo HongKong Co., Ltd
There's lots of clothing and home goods here, but the highlight is tons and tons of low-price lolita clothing and anime costumes! If you are familiar with Fan+Friend lolita clothing, that's basically what they sell (I have some items from them and they're great quality for the price.) Custom sizing available.
Shoes, specializing in wide width.

Halloween / Party Supplies:
SpiritHalloween - The Halloween Superstore
The seasonal pop-up store Spirit Halloween sells online year-round (and carries a ton of awesome stuff.)

Party Basics
Because no party is complete without a pinata.

eParty Unlimited


Affiliate Programs:
Sign up for Share-a-Sale and start earning commissions yourself! Share-a-Sale is by far my favorite affiliate network to work with. They just brushed up their UI, too.

Linkshare has a ton of great retailers to choose from as well.

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