Monday, April 11, 2011


I've decided to actually start writing in here, ideally as a replacement for both my livejournal and OkCupid blogs (and I may transfer over some of the better works from those sites for archival's sake.)

I assume you already know my other blogs, Lavender Town PokéCenter, Broke Sandwich, and another bitter pill. So what will I be publishing here?
  • my artwork (including comics, illustrations, vector art, crafts, etc)
  • my photoshoots (as a model...I generally suck at taking photos)
  • general posts and rants about things I care about, but do not fall into the categories of Pokémon, saving/earning money, or health and beauty.
What kinds of things do I care about? Glad you asked! Here are just a few of my many interests and hobbies:
  • heavy metal and concerts
  • graphic art
  • horror media (movies, anime, comics, books, etc)
  • candy
  • vegan cooking and baking (I'm not vegan, but I love vegan and raw food. *shrug*)
  • non-vegan cooking (what can I say, I love meat)
  • clothing and fashion (especially goth/punk/lolita)

Consider it a Cute or Death scrapblog, and while I know I'm nowhere near internet-famous enough to let that carry it to popularity, I still need a general hub to post things that aren't pictures of Vaporeon.

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