Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 Awesome Spooky Necklaces for Halloween

Well, it's about that time. Early September means Halloween goods start to roll into shops and I start gorging myself on skeleton-themed goods, horror films, and things flavored like pumpkins and/or candy corn. Welcome to the only time of the year that matters (and likely the only time you will see me regularly blogging.)

I'm keeping it simple for my first post of the season: 5 awesome spooky necklaces that are great for Halloween, but can also be incorporated into your wardrobe year round, presented in no particular order.

Spooky Onyx Octopus Necklace at Plasticland
Spooky Onyx Octopus Necklace ~ $22

I know octopus pendants are a bit overdone, but I really love how spooky this one looks! The glossy black finish and strange eyes give it an awesome, mysterious feel.

Violet Voodoo Skull Necklace at Plasticland
Violet Voodoo Skull Necklace ~ $29

A cluster of skulls paired with round beads and a pleasant purple color make this necklace a great mixture of spooky and adorable.

Vinyl Blood Drip Choker at Gorey Details
Vinyl Blood Drip Choker ~ $17

This is my favorite from the collection of realistic vinyl effect chokers and bracelets by VonErickson. Cool, gory, and perfect for a variety of costumes.

Lost Soul Skeleton Pendant at Gorey Details
Lost Soul Skeleton Pendant ~ $25

Alchemy Gothic makes some pretty sick jewelry, and while this is certainly one of their more understated pieces, there's something really charming about it. Possibly the fact that it reminds me of crucifixion.

White Brass Skeleton Arms Necklace at Gorey Details
White Brass Skeleton Arms Necklace ~ $125

I know I said no particular order, but I did save my favorite for last. Who wouldn't want to have a necklace that makes it look like a skeleton is constantly hugging them?

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