Sunday, December 11, 2011

5 Magical Unicorn Products

Unicorns. Everyone loves them, right? It seems like everywhere I turn there's a unicorn plastered onto something, usually expelling rainbows from one or more of its orifices. There's nothing at all wrong with that, but like anything popular, one must wade through a sea of crap before one finds quality products featuring said popular thing. Tonight, I braved that sea to bring you these 5 hand-picked unicorn product recommendations, presented in no particular order.

Tezuka Moderno Labo Unico Figurine

The Tezuka Moderno Labo line features extra-cute, slightly chibi-fied versions of Osamu Tezuka's timeless characters. I have the Phoenix from this set, and they're really great quality figures. Who could resist the adorable Unico?

Unicorn Scarf by devoutdolls

Everything about this scarf is adorable. The cute chibi pink unicorn, the rainbow lining, and the unique way its worn. It looks really warm, too!

Unicorn Earmuffs by Zygomatics

As I implied earlier, there's a lot of unicorn junk on Etsy. Most of it is either a rip-off of Tokidoki's unicorn character or something that looks like it was cobbled together by stoned elves, so I was pretty excited/relieved to find this design that is both original and well-made. Kudos to you, Zygomatics!

6%DOKIDOKI Unicorn Earring

I am sorry for showing this to you, I really am. Because, you want it, don't you? Don't try to deny it; I heard your "HNNNNGGGH" from across the internet. Well, you will probably never have it. It's sold out everywhere, and 6%DOKIDOKI doesn't ship outside of Japan anyway. I've never even seen any attempt at a replica (please correct me if I'm wrong?) In the meantime, may I suggest these adorable pink and mint glitter unicorn earrings by StarlightDecoDream to tide you over?

ThinkGeek Unicorn Chopsticks

ThinkGeek carries a lot of interesting unicorn products, but these are by far my favorite. The fact that they stand up straight is really cool. As a side note, why must every Western product photo of chopsticks show them next to a plate of sushi, something you really ought to be eating with your fingers?

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